Family Alert: A death in the St. Stephens family

Pat Wick’s Dad, Walter, passed away Saturday night, 12/24. Pat will be in touch with Fr. Donne and myself this week regarding funeral arrangements while Fr. Victor is away.
       The date and time of the service will be announced as soon as we have the information. Please keep the Wick family in your prayers during this most difficult time.
                        Dottie Gutwein, Senior Warden

Come early for the Mid-night Christmas Eve service Carol Sing-along

Reminder there is a Christmas Carol sing-along just before the late Christmas Eve service.

We will start around 10:30pm.

Here are this year’s Christmas Flower dedications……

2016 Christmas Flower Dedications


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Correction: A note from the Wick family

My dear Brothers and Sisters in faith,

The Wick family has asked me to share some difficult news with you and to ask for your prayers.  Walter Wick (Pat Wick’s father) has cancer and was admitted into hospice care last week.  Yesterday I went over to the house and shared the final anointing and communion with Walter and the Wick family.

Please keep Walter and the Wick family in your prayers.  These events in our lives are difficult enough at any time of the year and even more challenging during the Christmas holidays.

Your brother in Christ

Fr. Victor

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