2017 Stewardship Campaign

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

A Faith Based Community Acting Through An Interconnected Family of Ministries to welcome everyone who wishes to follow Christ, worship together, grow in faith and share God’s love through service to others.

Stewardship Campaign for Fiscal Year 2017

In the coming year, how do I intend to…

Follow Christ? Worship Together? Grow in Faith? Share God’s Love through Service to Others?

We have been blessed this year thru the generous gifts of dedication, skill, and financial support we have received; so that, as a Community of Christ, we can continue in our Mission.  We proclaim the Word of God, not only with our voices but thru our actions; demonstrating that we are not merely “members” of a church; but, Disciples of Christ.

Each of us has the opportunity again this fall to renew our commitment to God, to one another and to the Mission of St. Stephen’s by making a financial commitment – a pledge, which is “a solemn promise.” Your gifts support everything we experience at St. Stephen’s — Worship, Pastoral Care, Youth and Christian Formation programs, and our Outreach programs seven days a week.  Your contributions fund the operation and maintenance of the facilities used to support our Mission.  The resources allocated, by the Vestry, to each of our Ministries is driven by your generosity. Each and every gift makes a difference and works toward the building of our faith community. Annual commitments are just one part of the practice of generosity and stewardship in our spiritual lives. An annual pledge supports the ministries and mission of St. Stephen’s. Special or “restricted” gifts are used to fund additional parish priorities such as Capital Campaign II, building renovations, music, outreach, and youth programs.

We have experienced financial shortfalls for several years.  This series of shortfalls depleted our Emergency reserves.  This year, as a result of your continuing generosity and the careful stewardship of your gifts by the Vestry and Ministry Coordinators, we project that we will begin to reconstitute our Emergency reserves.  Your continued support is both appreciated and needed for St. Stephen’s to prudently conduct our Ministries.

Our 2016 Capital Campaign II, led by Don Yadusky, raised over $30,000, as part of the “Kick Start” Phase.  A portion of these funds were used to “pay down” our loan balance thus reducing our total interest expense on the loan.  The current balance is now only half of what it was last year at this time. Additionally, the pledge phase of Capital campaign II raised sufficient pledges to finish paying off our loan in 4 more years.  So, with your continued support, we are on track to pay off the loan by the end of 2020 as hoped.

In addition to starting Capital Campaign II, your Vestry was able to carefully husband resources so that a much needed renovation to the Sanctuary area could be initiated.  As a result, our Worship area is now much brighter, less cluttered, and more welcoming; all without requesting additional funds.

The Clergy and Vestry at St. Stephens would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You!” to all whose commitment, hard work and dedication made this past year possible.

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If you would like to make a proportional pledge or tithe, the following chart may help:

Annual Gross Income 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12%
$10,000 $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200
$20,000 $400 $800 $1,200 $1,600 $2,000 $2,400
$30,000 $600 $1,200 $1,800 $2,400 $3,000 $3,600
$40,000 $800 $1,600 $2,400 $3,200 $4,000 $4,800
$50,000 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 $6,000
$75,000 $1,500 $3,000 $4,500 $6,000 $7,500 $9,000
$100,000 $2,000 $4,000 $6,000 $8,000 $10,000 $12,000
$150,000 $3,000 $6,000 $9,000 $12,000 $15,000 $18,000
$200,000 $4,000 $8,000 $12,000 $16,000 $20,000 $24,000