Senior Warden Update: Transition Process as of December 24, 2017

On Sunday, December 17, 2017, our Vestry met after the Lessons and Carols Service. Our agenda mostly consisted of discussion furthering that which took place with Rev. Megan Traquair, Canon to the Ordinary, and our Diocesan Consultant for Search Committee. One of our greatest concerns today, a week later, is that in little more than a month, we will have our Annual Meeting. At   that time, we must vote in 3 new Vestry members. To date, we have only 1 possible nominee. If you will recall, two weeks ago, Rev. Julie preached about John the Baptist told us REPENT and to follow the one coming after him, Jesus, in whatever way we are being called. Doing the right thing is following Christ and in the life of our church, it can means we all need to discern how we can serve HIM to keep this parish alive. Vestry is a fiduciary responsibility to best keep our doors open and welcoming to everyone. It , by our own Bylaws, needs to have 6 active members as well as a Junior and Senior Warden and non- voting Treasurer, facilitated by the acting Rector (in our case, that is Interim Rev. Julie). If you are not able to give more than 1 year to this coming year Vestry, that is ok. WE MUST HAVE A FULL VESTRY to start February 1 ,2018. Please pray about this and let either Rev. Julie, myself or other current Vestry members know soon. (current Vestry Members, please stand as I say your name. Thank You). Sharon Douglas, Sivey and Lyle Anderson, Bill and Gloria Brunell, Gretchen Lamberth, Douglas Hickey and Peggy Brown.

Now, for the Transition update:  The Congregation will be invited to a “Day of Discovery” meeting sometime late into Lent or after Easter. At that time, a discussion will take place with Vestry and Search Committee, facilitated by Rev. Julie. The theme is: What does the future for St. Stephen’s look like? Where have we been and where do we want to go? Who are we in the community? And other pertinent questions. The Search committee is not yet formed; however, names of those interested in being a part of it are being gathered now. Some have already offered to serve on the committee which will eventually identify this parish’s new rector when he/she is revealed through the Grace of God.

Let us all remember that when John the Baptist called for REPENTANCE, he was asking us today to make a CHANGE in our lives here at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church by listening carefully for God’s Guidance through prayer and, as our Lord Jesus Christ taught: The first and greatest commandment is to Love your God with all your Heart , with all your Mind and with all your Soul. The Second is to Love your Neighbor as yourself. I pray that as we follow Jesus teachings, we will have a smooth Search and final end to this Transition time.

Christmas Blessings to all,

Dottie Gutwein

P S  Slight change in number of Vestry positions open: 2 members of the 5PM Saturday   Service have now volunteered to be nominated . So, now who will come forward to take the 3rd position? Is it you? If you can not serve for the 3 year term, volunteering for 1 or 2 years is acceptable.

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Readings,  Gospel
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