A Note from Father Vic to St. Stephen’s members

My dear friends in Christ,

I am writing to apologize, after learning that I gave offense to some in the congregation in the manner I shared the news about Don Yadusky’s passing.

In my personal experience, receiving such shocking news when I’m gathered with my worshiping community, can take it straight to prayer and Holy Communion and then talk over coffee afterwards is the best way to hear and process such painful news.  And that is why I shared the news in the manner that I did.

I have learned that for some of us at St. Stephen’s that was exactly the wrong thing to do.  I apologize.  I understand that some would have preferred to receive an email notification beforehand and I promise that any time distressing news comes my way in the future an email notice will be sent.


Please accept my apology

Victor Sarrazin

The Rev. Victor Sarrazin
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Off. 520-458-4432

One comment

  • no complaint from me…. there is never a way to know everyone’s expectation…. and email seems
    so impersonal, i wouldn’t have guessed people want that first…though that is how we have learned of others most often, which i think is only a matter of the event timing – not that it set a standard …of how you should do something.

    pat wick