Announcement: Bishop Smith’s Statement on the Fatal Shooting at NAU



Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
I add my prayers and concern with those grieving of the loss of life at the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff this morning. At the same time, I once again call on our lawmakers to enact legislation to help prevent this tragic suffering. Arizona law, as it now stands, actually allows students to have guns on campus, which is only inviting such incidents.
I have spoken with Brad Eubanks, our diocesan chaplain at Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry in Flagstaff, who has been counseling and praying with students there. None of the members of our campus ministry was injured, but many are, of course, deeply shaken.

This weekend, I ask that you include the suspect and his family, the victims and their families, and the students and staff of NAU in your prayers.


Bishop Kirk Smith

The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona | 114 W. Roosevelt Street | Phoenix | AZ | 85003-1406