Bishop Smith’s Pastoral Letter 16 March 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters, TheEpiscopalDioceseofAZ

I have just returned from the Spring House of Bishop’s meeting, and will have much to share with you about the new spirit of renewal and commitment to the Jesus Movement as embodied in our new Presiding Bishop.

One very important accomplishment was the drafting of a “Word to the Church” letter addressing our concern about the level of violence and hatred that we are hearing in our country’s political rhetoric. I am asking that the letter (attached) be considered a Pastoral Letter from me. Under the canons, this means that it must be either read to the congregation this Sunday, or copies must be available and that fact announced.

I am well aware that the Palm Sunday liturgy leaves you little time for announcements. However, the letter is short and the topic highly relevant to the anxiety and anger that your congregation is facing.

It is vital that we respond to this in a timely manner, and not allow the voices of hate to have the only word. I have added a short preamble to the text of the letter itself.

This comes with my prayers for you during Holy Week. I hope to see many of you at the upcoming renews of vows on Tuesday.



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