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AZ Cursillo Newsletter
Issue: # 55 – 1

November 2015

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Dear The Rev. Victor,

Be thankful to God!

Upcoming Cursillo Weekend
July 14 – July 17, 2016


As Secretariat President, I am pleased to announce that we have scheduled weekend the next weekend #117 for July 14 – July 17, 2016 at the Chapel Rock Conference Center in Prescott. It will be a coed weekend. After much praying and consideration, the Secretariat has selected Virginia Reutter from All Saints in the Desert in Sun City to be the Rectora. Over the next few weeks she will be seeking Cursillistas to be part of the weekend team.
To help Virginia in this process of selecting another outstanding team, we are asking those who will be able and willing to serve to fill out an application and submit it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until someone contacts you . . . pray about it and complete the application. If you have never served on a team, now is your time to step forward for a real blessing by serving others. It will renew, deepen, and strengthen not only your commitment to Christ and his Church, but also your understanding of The Cursillo Ministry. It is impossible, being on one weekend to grasp all that is offered, but each weekend that you have the privilege to serve on a team gives you new insights and multiple of new blessings. Each weekend is the same but different, with different team members and candidates. The Holy Spirit uses all our experiences and differences to create a very special time for all.
What are the requirements to be on a team?
  • Currently be participating in a group.
  • Willingness to be a servant to others.
  • Be a team player.
  • Immerse yourself in the process, with prayer, study, preparation and participation.
  • Attend all the team meetings to support the team.
  • Sing with joy and a loud voice even if you have trouble staying on key!
You can find the link for Cursillo Team Application on the left of this newsletter.
It is also time to start thinking and praying about sponsoring candidates for the weekend.  The application forms and information in the Quick Link, talk to your clergy, the members of your group and to God to identifying potential candidates.  Deadline for Application April 1, 2016.
It takes all of us to do our part with the Holy Spirit to spread God’s Kingdom on earth.
Cost for the weekend:
Single Occupancy Linen –  $375.00
Double Occupancy Linen –  $300.00
Pray for the weekend, pray for Virginia and the team, pray for the candidates, and pray for your Secretariat. We are praying for you and Christ is counting on you.
Peace and Joy,


Arizona Episcopal Cursillo Ministry


th Day Reunion – “Weave Us Together”
Who should attend?  All Cursillistas those having attended a Cursillo Weekend, and all who have attended a similar or equivalent weekend retreat are welcomed and encouraged to come!
What is the Fourth Day Reunion? This year the Fourth Day Reunion is a day retreat, where all Cursillistas have an opportunity to meet one another, renew old acquaintances, and establish new friendships. 
The date this coming year is February 27, 2016.
Deadline for Registration is February 6, 2016
Why should I attend Fourth Day Reunion? Fourth Day Reunion provides you an opportunity to learn and further grow in your faith, spirituality and closeness to Jesus/God/Holy Spirit.
Where is Fourth Day Reunion? Fourth Day Reunion is held from at 
All Saints in the Desert, 


9502 W Hutton Drive, 


Sun City


 AZ 85351

The time is from 9 am to 6 pm.
 How much does it cost to attend Fourth Day Reunion? The cost is a free will offering. The application process is contained on the attached application, and is also available in the Arizona Cursillo Newsletter.
Come for the fun, learning, praise, singing and worship 
and community building.
Brochure and Registration form are located in the Quick links on the left side.  Please copy, post and distribute to your Cursillo Community. 


Any question please contact Steve Cifone at




Future Upcoming Events:


We are looking for what is happening in your Cursillo Community. Let us know and how can we support you! If you are hosting an Ultreya at your church or something that needs to be announce. You can contact Dan Basche at or Steve Cifone at


So here are some upcoming community events. Ultreyas can be held anywhere in the state, Northern, Central and Southern regions. Just a reminder that Ultreya are open to anyone!
St Luke Episcopal Church Prescott invites you to the Ultreya from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm in the Parish Hall, on following Saturdays:
*January 23, 2016
*April 18, 2016
*June 18, 2016


St. Luke’s is located at Highway 89 and Ruger Roads, Prescott, AZ 86301.





4th Day Reunion – “Weave Us Together”  February 27, 2016.   All Alumni Cursillistas including Clergy are invite to come listen, talk, sing, pray, learn and have fun. Free Will Offering 
Location:  All Saints on the Desert – Sun City
Contact Steve Cifone at
2016 Cursillo 3 Day Weekend is to be held at the Chapel Rock Conference Center in Prescott, AZ on the weekend of July 14th – 17th, 2016. This will be a Co-Ed Weekend. We urge you to pray for the Weekend, for Team and then for Candidates to make the Weekend. Look for information in future newsletter. 



If we are missing your scheduled Ultreya, please let us know Dan Basche at or Steve Cifone at
As a reminder that if you know that someone is not receiving a newsletter please print and pass onto them, thank you!


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