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January 15, 2016


Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby makes a point Jan. 15 during a press conference held after the five-day Anglican Primates Meeting at Canterbury Cathedral in England. Photo: Matthew Davies/Episcopal News Service

Welby apologizes for persecution on the grounds of sexuality
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby apologized Jan. 15 to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for the hurt and pain they have experienced by the Anglican Communion over the years.

Presiding Bishop and Primate speaks on actions at Primates Meeting
Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued a video statement concerning the actions of the Anglican primates at their meeting in Canterbury, England.

Relationships in Christ are the ‘real instruments of unity,’ leaders say
As the 38 primates of the Anglican Communion conclude their Jan. 11-15 meeting calling for temporary sanctions on the Episcopal Church but with a commitment to walking together, church leaders say the real instruments of communion and unity are the global partnerships, relationships and networks that exist across differences and through common participation in God’s mission.

Anglican Primates Meeting issues communiqué
As the Jan. 11-15 Anglican Primates Meeting drew to a close in Canterbury, England, the members issued the following communiqué: Walking Together in the Service of God in the World

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On the Primates Meeting: A Letter from the House of Deputies President
The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies, sent the following letter to deputies and alternate deputies concerning the actions taken by the Primates Meeting to impose consequences on the church for its actions on same-sex marriage.

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Video: Presiding Bishop and Primate speaks on actions at Primates Meeting

Video: Presiding Bishop responds to primates’ actions, stresses relationships

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Newark bishop writes to diocese on primates’ action

Georgia bishop’s statement on Primates Meeting

Western Michigan bishop offers diocese prayer for Anglican unity

Diocese of Virginia on understanding the outcome of Primates Meeting

South Carolina bishop’s message on the Primates Meeting

Fort Worth provisional bishop/Northwest Texas bishop’s message on Primates Meeting

Bishop of Vermont’s response to primates’ statement

Maryland assistant bishop’s message to the diocese on primates’ statement

New York bishop’s letter to the diocese on primates’ statement

Chicago bishop’s letter to the diocese on primates’ statement

Bishop of Pennsylvania’s letter to the diocese on primates’ statement

Oklahoma bishop’s letter to the diocese on primates’ statement

East Tennessee bishop’s response to primates’ statement

Bishop of San Diego’s response to primates’ statement

Bishop of California makes statement on Primates Meeting

Bishops of North Carolina respond to Primates Meeting

Bishop of Western Louisiana responds to Primates Meeting

Bishop of Missouri responds to primates’ action

Bishops of Texas issue response to primates’ action

Bishop of Western New York offers call for prayer for primates’ meeting

Bishop of Ohio writes to diocese about primates’ decision

Bishop of Kansas responds to primates’ action

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