News: Episcopal News Service November 15, 2015


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November 15, 2015


The members of The Episcopal Church Executive Council listen Nov. 15 to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preach during the opening session of council’s Nov. 15-18 meeting at the Maritime Institute Conference Center in Linthicum Heights, Maryland. Photo: Mary Frances Schjonberg/Episcopal News Service

Executive Council looks ahead to new triennium of work
The Episcopal Church Executive Council Nov. 15 began its ministry of leadership for the 2016-2018 triennium being called to lead the Jesus Movement and help the church to stretch and change to meet the challenges it faces.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry recalled for the council the feeling of accomplishment and direction when General Convention ended in Salt Lake City on July 3. “There was a sense coming out of the convention that we just did something that mattered,” he said in his opening remarks. “I think there was common vision, common sense of mission.”

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Executive Council: opening remarks by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

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Executive Council: sermon by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

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