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Thank you for sending Sentia to camp with a new towel
On the hot sunny morning that we delivered towels to Sentia (right) and her family, her attention was focused on packing for summer camp. Although she was excited about camp, she knew that her parents wouldn’t be able to purchase all of the items her friends would bring.
As we gave her family new bundles of towels, Sentia and her sister Yuri burst into smiles and began to smell and hug their towels – the first new ones they have ever owned.

Thank you for bringing this simple act of love, sending Sentia to camp with a brand new towel. 

Can you do it again?

The towel drive touched so many lives across Arizona, that you’re invited for something even bigger this fall in honor of “God’s Work. Our Hands.” Click the link for more 

Pastoral Message on our Muslim Neighbors


This week marks the season of Ramadan for our Muslim neighbors. Until July 5th Muslims will fast daily, to increase their awareness of human dependence on God and the needs of those who are poor. 

Because we are living in a time of misunderstanding and hostile messages about outsiders and persons of other backgrounds and faith traditions, the Lutheran community has an opportunity to honor our Muslim neighbors differently in the coming days.

A growing number of congregations are using the study booklet, My Neighbor Is Muslim, published by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, to increase awareness of the Muslim faith. A study guide for youth, Loving Our Muslim Neighbors, is also available.

Making efforts to know and understand our neighbors, looking out for their well being and seeing Muslims as gifted members of the human family is our Lutheran way. During Ramadan, I pray for stronger relationships between Christians and Muslims.

In faithfulness,



The Rev. Deborah Hutterer
Director of Congregational Relations
You’re making it possible to explore expansion
LSS-SW is in the process of expanding refugee resettlement services in Mesa and Flagstaff.
If you are located in Mesa or Flagstaff, and would be interested in sponsoring a refugee family, connecting refugees to employment, or collecting items such furniture and household goods, please let us know.
Thank you for making Arizona home to our refugee brothers and sisters.
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